Paid advertising is the only advertising strategy that allows you to effectively target who gets to see your ads.


Paid advertising is an incredibly powerful tool that many businesses use to gain to attract consumers to their products or services. Advertisers pay for ad space, impressions, or clicks in hopes that a wide audience will see their ad and begin a sales transaction of some sort. 

The most popular spaces for paid advertising are search engines and social media platforms. This is where people spend the most time and it can be very competitive to advertise here. 

We utilize Google Ads for search engine advertising and our goal with Paid Advertising is to give you the biggest bang for your buck by understanding your brand and hyper-targeting your audience.


Hyper-targeting allows us to be very specific about who gets to see your ads and when/where they see them. The when and where variables are easy settings to manipulate in most ad dashboards, but the “who” element is what makes or breaks an ad campaign. 

We rely on a complete understanding of the brands we represent and their true consumer audience when we create ads. A brand’s audience demographics can be easily captured through website traffic and social media interactions. It is paramount to use this demographic information when creating paid advertisements. You must also understand that there may be some demographic changes from social platform to social platform and it all may differ from that of your website traffic. 

Once we capture the correct demographics for any platform or search engine, we can then create ad campaigns that target only those segments we want to see your ads. 


It’s pretty amazing just how specific we can get when we target for paid ads. We move well beyond the obvious such as age, gender, race, and location. We can target social groups, socio-economic status, number of children, interests and internet behavior among many other variables. 

One of the more powerful tools we use when building ads is website behavior. We can track website behaviors and build ads to target certain interactions such as time on a certain page(s), when someone has viewed a certain number of pages, clicked specific buttons, filled a shopping cart but did not purchase, and much more. 


Paid Advertising can be a very overwhelming task to take on yourself. There is a huge learning curve and many variables to consider if you want to have truly effective paid advertising for your brand. 

If you are serious about getting into paid advertising, please click the button below so we can set up a time to talk about how to best use paid advertising in your marketing strategy.


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These are the platforms we find the most success in when it comes to Paid Advertising


Google dominates the search engine market share both worldwide and in the United States. Google’s mobile search market share towers above all others with an impressive 93% market share. Why would you not want to advertise here? We focus on search ads in Google. This means that certain keywords that users search for will trigger your ads. Cool thing is, we control the keywords and we tweak the ad to position your ad above your competitors. 


Organic reach is always preferred but you have to have some paid advertising in social media in order to reach new followers. Normal  everyday social media content is for your current followers benefit and use. Paid ads in social media is to attract new followers to your brand. You need a steady number of new followers in order to grow your brand and influence. Paid ads are a great way to do so in social media. 


YouTube is the second largest search engine out there. Many are surprised to hear that but considering how much video is consumed today, it is clearly not that surprising. You should have a video marketing strategy working for you at all times in todays world. Your videos can be used on your website, social platforms, Youtube page and as YouTube video advertisements. Be sure to check out our Video Production services if you are ready to strengthen your video marketing startegy.


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