Columbus, Indiana

We have some great local assets and partnerships that you can take advantage of to be seen in Columbus, Indiana. 

Yes Cinema

YES Cinema and Conference Center- YCCC (a component of Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center- LCNFC) is a non-profit organization that supports first-run films, independent, foreign and other non-mainstream films and their audiences.  In addition, YCCC partners with LCNFC to provide support for various community programs and services. As an advertiser at Yes, your advertisements would play before every publicly played movie as either a video or a single graphic. The preshow is changed monthly and ads are randomized or updated to better reflect your business goals. LCNFC is a United Way agency and a major source of human service activities in the downtown area.  Through your participation, the LCNFC assists numerous support systems, i.e. neighborhood improvement, education and employment development, health education and assistance and much more.

The Town Planner

The Town Planner is a National franchise that we (JAB) purchased in 2018. The Town Planner is a very dynamic advertising asset that utilizes both print and digital strategies to maximize demographic appeal and adoption. 

The print calendar is very popular. Most recognize it as the calendar with the coupons on the bottom. We currently distribute the calendar to over 20,000 homes in the 47201 and 47203 zip codes. JAB has rights to over 40 zip codes in central Indiana and we plan to grow our distribution for 2021 to Jackson County and Brown County! The calendar is a great way to get your advertisements widely distributed and hanging up for many more to see. 

The website is full of local events that either JAB or our community members upload on a regular basis. We are seeing over 3,000 visits per month and plan to grow that to over 5,000. For advertisers, these pages are prime real estate for advertisements and offers. 

The TODAY app is the best and easiest way to see and share all of the events and coupons going on in your community. You can also add any event to your personal calendar with just one push of a button! Advertisements from the website also show in the app, giving you as an advertiser even more visibility.

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