Start with a strong foundation, then build!

Our Phased Approach to branding and marketing is the most cost effective strategy you will find. We create long-term digital strategies that give you the biggest bang for your buck.


Although all brands vary in their current state of branding and marketing, we believe that they all fall into one of three phases; Phase 1 – “The Foundation“, Phase 2 – “The Attention“, or Phase 3 – “The Machine“.

The only prerequisite to building on any phase is that a brand truly understands who they are and what messages they want to communicate to their audience.

We have helped others with this and if you or your company is struggling with your brand’s identity, we can help sort through the confusion so that the brand’s image is clear and the communications mirror that image. 

Once the branding is strong and clear, we begin building the visual representations of that image in Phase 1.

  • Phase 1 – The Foundation

  • Phase 2 – The Attention

  • Phase 1 – The Machine


Phase 1 is the most important phase for any long term digital strategy and has three basic elements: A functional and user-friendly website, basic social media presence, and an introduction video.


Our websites are more than a visual representation of a brand. When a great website works with a great strategy, it collects massive amounts of information and data that we use to develop a brand’s target demographic.

Social Media

We pull these consumers to the website with a social media presence and a great video. Interesting and relevant content on appropriate social platforms draw interest to your brand. This interest migrates to the website where we have “Call to Actions” and monitor web traffic behavior.

Intro Video 

It is predicted that over 80% of online content will be in video form by the end of 2019. Why? Because that is what gets and retains consumers’ attention the most! If you are not using video in 2019, you will be invisible to your audience. There are many creative ways to use video to express your message that, without doubt, will fit your brand and appeal to your audience.


Phase 2 focuses on gaining massive attention! To do this we create long-term goals, expand your social media presence and video marketing.

Long Term Strategy 

Your content has to match your goals and your brand identity. Therefore, we have to carefully plan the messaging and communication tactics so that we do not send mixed messages to your audience. 

Social Media

We dive deep into your social media strategy and use multiple forms of content that your audience will interact with and we distribute it to your brands applicable social channels. 

Video Marketing Strategy

In Phase 2 we develop a much more sophisticated video marketing strategy. You connect with your audience best when you can express your message clearly. An effective way in doing so is creating a journey your customer can take through a video marketing plan. 





GOAL: To utilize data from the previous phases, build on content marketing, and add paid advertising to the digital strategy; therefore creating a powerful marketing machine. 

Data! Data! Data!

By now we have created enough attention and collected enough data on your true demographic that we can be very efficient with your paid advertising dollars. The data we have collected up to this point will be used to create multiple ads that target your audience based on behavior, demographic likeness, and interests, among other things.

Google Ads

We utilize Google Ads for our paid advertising. The vast majority of our ads are search related ads that focus on a specific campaign goal. We get to choose when, where, and how your ads will appear. We can choose who gets to see them. That is why the data collection is so important. We do not waste your dollars in advertisements finding out your demographics. We have already established that through analyzing website traffic. 

Ad Testing

Paid ads give us the opportunity to create A/B tests for ads. Essentially, we are targeting your audience and taking it even further by finding out what type or style of ad most appeals to their tastes. The lowest performing ads are tossed and the highest performers are further refined and optimized. 


We can also utilize the video library we have created in Phase 2 for YouTube paid video advertisements. YouTube has become the second largest search engine and processes more than 3 billion searches per month. We can get your videos in front of people that are searching for topics that are relevant to your industry.


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