Our goal was to capitalize on a trending National Social Media Campaign so that we could earn good press for our city’s police department

Columbus Police Department asked us to create a CPD Lip-sync video. Our aim was to earn good press for our local police department while building camaraderie within their group. We also wanted to show CPD’s appreciation to the community by continually building on community relationships. 


When Columbus Police Department reached out to us to create this video we had an incredible brainstorming session as team. We decided that there was only one way to represent CPD. We wanted to create a viral video and do things that had not been seen in current lip-sync videos. Our idea with CPD was to use first-class video production, and utilize our city as the “set” for the music video. We wanted to differentiate their video from others we had seen by doing a mash-up of different songs, and try to get a local celebrity to hook viewers to watch and share the video. 


To say that the Columbus Police Department Lipsync Challenge was a viral hit would be an understatement! By using our approach, we were able to: 

  1. Create a Top 5 Lipsync Video in the nation. (Police One) 
  2. Earn media coverage for CPD with national, state, and local news on television, radio, newspaper and digital press. 
  3. Receive over 9 million views for their video on social media platforms.
  4. Take over’s homepage by using Championship race care driver and Columbus native Tony Stewart
  5. Give CPD a conversation piece and community relationship builder for now and years to come.


“Work with JAB” – Lt. Matt Harris