JAB Media Group was established on April 1, 2017. The company name (JAB) is an acronym for the founders’ first names: Josh Burnett, Andy Russell, and Brent Devers. The name is a perfect fit. Being huge Gary Vaynerchuk fans and reading ‘”Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook”, the name JAB Media Group was a no brainer. Although JAB was founded on April 1, 2017, its origins are predated almost exactly a year prior, to April 7, 2016. This is when Josh aired his pilot for The Celebrate Columbus Show.


It is funny how one greeting can change everything. Josh moved back to Columbus, from out of state, where he was learning about how to plant new churches. Josh grew up in ministry and is a pastor himself. The first time Brent saw Josh was at church while he was giving a sermon. Josh was very transparent, as he always is, and spoke about his current struggles and his wife’s sickness. One of Josh’s concerns was his current employment. Having had to move so abruptly, he did not currently have a job. After the sermon, Josh approached Brent to say hello and give his condolences for the death of Brent’s brother just a couple years prior. Josh mentioned that he used to play basketball at Brent’s childhood house with Blake. Brent later called Josh and offered him a temporary position at the store he and Andy owned, Orange Leaf. Josh eventually took a job there in March of 2016 for a short time and that is when they became friends. The Celebrate Columbus pilot episode aired on April 7, 2016, which continues through to today as a product of JAB Media Group!


The Celebrate Columbus Show is a project that Josh created as a coping mechanism for his wife’s (Katie) sickness. Katie battled a number of ailments for years, forcing them to move back to Columbus and be closer with family. Josh needed an outlet to express himself. Through blog writing and short videos, the Celebrate Columbus Show came to fruition. The show today remains true to its roots. It celebrates local businesses, non-profits and events in the city of Columbus. The pilot episode had over 52,000 views and got Josh thinking this could be much bigger than he anticipated. 


In no time at all, Josh had companies reaching out to him asking for his expertise and guidance for their social media and marketing needs. After just six months, Josh found six local companies that wanted to sponsor the show in order to keep it going. The city and community saw the Celebrate Columbus Show as a much needed intermediary between the community of Columbus and its businesses. As the show grew and more and more businesses reached out to Josh, he realized that he had the potential for a business right at his fingertips. 


The stars aligned and Josh, Andy, and Brent formed JAB Media Group. Each owner brought their own individual skillsets to the company and allowed them to create a strong brand that continues to grow today. Josh as CEO, continues to be face of the company and the branding expert. Brent is JAB’s COO and is always looking for ways to be a better and more efficient company. We have continued to grow our services and capabilities while maintaining our standards and quality of work. Our journey has allowed us to find out who we are as a company. Our approach to branding and marketing is to get to the core issues that bring our clients to us. Sometimes, the issues they think they have are not the real issues at all. We take time on the front end of a relationship to truly get to know our clients and their needs. Once we establish that, we can begin to effectively work on their behalf. 

JAB 2019

2019 is a big year. We have completely restructured and rebranded ourselves. JAB Media Group, with our new logo, is now the umbrella company to our brands: JAB Marketing, Celebrate Columbus, and Town Planner. We are excited to see how each of these brands will grow in the coming years!

JAB Marketing is our full service marketing agency. We handle everything from websites and branding to paid advertising and video production. 

In 2019 we are looking for long-term relationships with the right companies. These companies should expect a website overhaul, video and social media strategy, and 6 months of data analysis. From there we regroup and make data-based decisions to refine strategies, move into paid advertising and website optimizations. Click here if you are interested in this package! If you want to read more about our Phased Approach you can click here.

Celebrate Columbus is our local show and free community resource. We highlight local businesses, non-profits, and events in our community. We have expanded our hosts in 2019 to include Brent Devers, Ryan Hewitt, and Rachel White along with Josh Burnett. This will allow us to broaden our reach of activities, add more personality, and up the entertainment value of the show.

Town Planner is our most recent addition. The Town Planner is another free community resource that we use along side the Celebrate Columbus show. We use Town Planner as an event based community resource. There is a print calendar, website and “TODAY” app. This product will grow through South Central Indiana for the coming years. 

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